Greenwater -
a poem by Mary Lambert



The water is green
The grass is too
And the sky is
Always lovely and blue

Shells on beaches
Cattails on the shore
But just wait - there's more
way more

The lake and camping
are always fun
And at the beach you can
bask in the sun




Ducks float
Fishes dive
Boats on the water
Speed and glide

Clams on the bottom
Seaweed on the top
And boy, oh boy
Is there a lot

The playground and trees
are nice too
And if you look,
you'll find a slough


And at the Cove
there is a lot to do
Like swim in the pool and play
mini golf too

Beavers and deer
are two different creatures
And if you look,
you'll see other cool features


The park store
rents big funny bikes
That turn my face red
with delight

Boating and fishing
are really cool
And relaxing,
if you finish school



Stars at night,
sun in the day
And everything is always
happy and gay

By Mary Lambert
Age 8, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Mary is a Spruce Krew Kids Klub Member at
Greenwater Lake Provincial Park
image by Gerald Crawford