Trojans Help Out With Food Hampers

FTLComm - Tisdale - December 20, 1998

At Friday night's Trojan hockey game, fans were encouraged to bring contributions to this year's food hampers that are distributed in the community by the Salvation Army. This year the Salvation Army expects to distribute over fifty food hampers.

Amidst the plenty of this land and the potential for providing adequately for all, we are all shocked to see and be aware that so many families have very difficult times not just at Christmas but all year round. So many people are working and holding down jobs, but the low wages and limited hours make it extremely difficult to provide even for the basics.

Though it would be great to see this problem disappear it is with us and the generosity of all who do their part in giving to the Salvation Army, either with food or with
money can be assured that your donation will get to people who will make good use of it and are truly in need.

At another time, we should consider some measures that might provide even more help, then donations of food and money. After all, providing someone with food helps now, but looking for conditions that will help that individual provide for themselves will strengthen the community even more. If this matter concerns you and you have some ideas about what we as a society, or as individuals should be doing, drop Ensign a line we would enjoy hearing from you.