FTLComm - Saskatoon - September 14, 2000

As the sun was setting I was about to leave Saskatoon last night and captured the street and the sky in expectation of the moon which was about to rise. A few minutes later just East of the City this picture show the moon working its way up into the cloudless sky.
While at the same time the city stretches out across the prairie in a ribbon of light against the Western sky.
Over an hour later I was near "Goose Hunting Creek" near the turn off for St. Brieux West of Melfort and indeed this was a true harvest moon with three combines waltzing their way through a field of barley. The picture below was taken while in motion, thus the blurring.

There were a few low cumulus clouds tumbling through the night sky and as I watched the combines churning along the great scene in the sky was equally as dramatic. The picture on the right was taken with the Epson PhotoPC 650 and those below are captured video images taken with a Hitachi full size camcorder.

The full moon flooded the countryside with its reflected light and the moon itself through the clear autumn air revealed itself so clearly that even while driving along I could see the equitorial "sea" where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren first set foot upon that celestial body in August of 1969.