Alternate Universe News

By: Carey Heilman
Thatz right folks… Coffee Spills are Hazardous!!! And nowhere are they more hazardous than at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon!!! Why? Who Really knows, but still the signs are everywhere in the hallways of the lower level of the hospital, near the staff cafeteria.
Everywhere we go these days, signs inform us, and direct us.
But Coffee Spills are Hazardous???? Now that takes the cake!!! Coffee spills are hazardous!!!!! SHEEEEESH next thing we will be seeing signs such as….
"Caution: Honest Politicians Crossing" in the hallways of the Legislative Building.
Or in the halls of the Regina Health District’s head office " Remember it is not our money it’s our Health"!
Saskatchewan Liberal Headquarters, "Remember it doesn’t matter what you say or do, it’s politics"
But, I think the signs at the RUH are there to keep the hospital from being sued by people who slip and fall. The hospital has probably cut their housekeeping budget to the bone, meaning things don't get cleaned up when they should (I did notice that parts of the hospital smelled really bad?) So, if I am right: the signs mean that it's the fault of the people who spill the coffee or the people who happen to step into the spills, but not the hospital, when people hurt themselves on things that *should* have been tidied up!
Harry Kyelman