Kathy's Korner

FTLComm - LaRonge - February 4, 2001
LaRonge is a long way from its neighbours so when you are coming and going Kathy's Korner is a good place to stop. The drive from LaRonge to Prince Albert exceeds two hours and almost every other centre is at least that far away East and West, while to the North all travel is measured in proximaty to "infinity". So when you are starting a trip or ending one you need to fuel up both your car and your body and this friendly face is the one you will not go wrong in meeting.

Kathy is the owner and operator of a feul stop and confectionary mid way between LaRonge and AirRonge. Besides the usual, Kathy has an extensive hard ice cream counter during the summer and the other necessities that one requires. On Friday, I stopped there briefly and thought I would pick up a coffee for the two hour trek South to Prince Albert. I took in my trusty travel cup and filled it up and went over to the counter to pay. The friendly clerk at the til was talking on the telephone and paused her conversation and cheerily told me, "The Coffee is Free."

So I not only got a great smile from Kathy, another from the clerk, but I also savour a fine cup of coffee that took me a long way South.