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FTLComm - Near Carrigana - August 13, 1998

The tradition of the country fair is as old as the province itself and celebrates rural life and the valued elements of the community in which it is located. The Shand Fair takes place each summer on a fair grounds situated mid way between Somme and Cardigana and some six Miles North, this year's fair was held Wednesday, August 12. The atmosphere at the fair is absolutely the highlight of the event as neighbours and friends come out to experience the day together, swap yarns and renew acquaintances from years gone by. This fair has a parade in the morning with a line up of antique tractors, equestrian displays and good spirits. There is animal showing and judging, a gymkhana, children's races, excellent food, a music programme, exhibits and mostly a lot of conversation.

This year's fair experienced a somewhat smaller crowd then other years because of the unusually early harvest which is in high gear throughout the countryside. As we drove out to the site the FTLComm van passed countless swathers, combines and bailers gathering up what looks like a superior crop. But despite the vigourous work a large number of people were on hand to be a part of yet another year's Shand Fair.