Man Injured In ATV And Truck Crash Near Sylvania

FTLComm - Sylvania
June 15, 1999

Around nine o'clock Monday night after wrapping up a bit of fishing, the rider of this ATV was coasting home along the side of highway #35 about a mile and a half South of the Sylvania intersection, when a lid on one of the containers he was carrying blew off. (The containers had fish heads and entrails in them,) He promptly swung around on the highway to go back and pick up the lid without seeing an oncoming pickup truck. The driver of the truck applied his brakes and skidded to the left

but there was insufficient time to avoid the colision with the left side of the ATV sending it spinning into the ditch. The rider suffered undetermined injuries, but was able to walk around before he was taken to hospital for treatment to the cuts on his head and face. People at the scene of the crash considered his apparent minor injuries to be absolutely remarkable as this had the potential to be fatal accident.
In the picture above you can see the fish parts littering the highway. The rider had been fishing at the nearby damn earlier in the day. As you can see from these pictures road and weather conditions were ideal at the time of the incident.