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FTLComm - St.Brieux - December 16, 1998  
This was my first look at St. Brieux, Tuesday afternoon and though I had heard of the extremely successful nature of Bourgault farm implements it never crossed my mind that this company is of the scale usually associated with heavy industry in a major city. The facility seen above is only one of perhaps five such massive factory and assembly plants found around the village of St. Brieux. So overwhelming is the nature of this company that this article is a first look one only. In another article at another time we will explore this company more fully and the effects it has had on this little community. But just to give you a flavour of the village, I was looking for a business and the first person I came across I stopped and asked for directions. The young man smiled broadly and explained that he too was new to the town and couldn't help. Rows of new houses and apartments make up about half of the town's land mass while signs of the manufacturing success can be found everywhere you look. But Bourgault is not the only show in town and we will also have more about other innovative projects from St. Brieux in future issues of Ensign.