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FTLComm - Tisdale - October 7, 1998  
With Mario deSantis' article this past Sunday on the need for transformational changes in Saskatchewan Health care one has to consider the hospital buildings themselves. During the years of Grant Devine's Progressive Conservative government substantial amounts of money were borrowed to rebuild Saskatchewan's hospital system. Buildings like that which served Tisdale for so long were replaced with remarkable sprawling developments like the one pictured above. In many communities after the arrival in office of the present government, there were serious cut backs in spending and brand new hospitals were transformed into other operations such as nursing stations or senior citizens care centres.

Many people including those in government, maintain that Devine's government over built the infrastructure and plunged the province into debt doing so, while other suggest that the present government's obsession with budget and abandonment of rural Saskatchewan is the more predominant factor. Certainly, the present government has almost all of its support in the province's urban areas and if a cabinet meeting is held in Saskatoon most of the members will be attending a meeting in their home town.

This debate will no doubt be around for a very long time but so will these new facilities. As structures they are remarkably similar from community to community, varying only in size but all are extensive single floor buildings that flatten themselves along the prairie landscape. This article is intended to explore the outward appearance of this Tisdale building and grasp the over all impression it has as a structure.
To appreciate the building I have photographed the building as you would see it if you walked or drove by on the street.

The image on the right is a QuickTime VR Object which is really a series of images that can be viewed in sequence giving you the impression of driving or walking by the building. If you do not have QuickTime 3.0 loaded in your machine you will not be able to view this image but it can easily be downloaded free and will enhance your computer's capabilities once installed. Because of the series of images involve it takes about four minutes for this image to download.

Merely place your cursor on the image and move yourself along its South facing exposure. You can see the building close up by hitting the control key or zoom out with the shift key.