Combines replace alfalfa swathers

FTLComm - Tisdale - Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It is interesting to hold meeting and issue press releases but the proof is in what is done and progress toward developing a bio-energy industry in Tisdale is beginning to emerge.

With the closing of the Tisdale Alfalfa Dehydration plant the community has been waiting to see if a new agriculturally based industrial processing plant would emerge. The provincial government has turned its attention away from the development of ethonal production plants that it had initially promised and the process of developing these facilities has moved firmly into the private sector. The Tisdale project had positive support from individuals and businesses in t he community and has been putting its finances in order. There have been meetings and rumors but until now nothing real to show for it.

You may have noticed that the snow has been removed from the work areas at the dehydration plant and today I drove in to see how things are and the two pictures here should give you some positive hope about a new industrial operation coming into being.

Where there had once been alfalfa harvesting equipment there are now parked six new Cat combines with straight combining pickups. It looks like some investment money has moved from the banks to purchase new operating equipment.

We will keep an eye on this project as spring comes along and keep you posted when any signs of construction or other changes take place on the ground.



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