Kamloops - October 4, 1999
By: Michael Townsend

As breast cancer is becoming a very serious illness which has left almost no family untouched, we as a school decided to take some direct action.

Three members of the students council and our secretary volunteered to have their heads shaved if we could raise $1500.00 for breast cancer research.


The counting was done on Friday and the grand total was $3200.00. What followed was a hair leveling event performed by hair hackers of very limited ability. It was
great and both participants and those who looked on had a cheering great time. And the hair did fly! The local TV station and local paper were there to capture this event for
the rest of Kamloops.

But when it was over, the seriousness of what this was all about struck home. One of the last pictures was of the secretary and her son. Tears of a most positive nature were present on many faces. Commitment to this cause was raised to a new level at Sa-hali to fight this most deadly disease.