Michael Townsend - Kamloops -
March 5, 1999

I couldn't believe this. The road cleaners have been out for a week now, picking up the gravel from the winter road graveliing and then this happens. But chances are it will be all gone by noon. Sun Peaks got about 43 cm. But of course the shots are from the back door of the school, which is a fair way up the mountain. In Westsyde there wasn't even 2 cm., just looked like a frost really.
But the kids at the door of the school were ex static. This snow boarding day for phys ed had been planned for some time. Now with the 43cm of fresh powder at Sun Peaks, well!!! Can't please all of the people all of the time but some truly do luck in. You should have heard the complaining in the staff room. But I took the bus as usual, and the $250,000.00 vehicle did its thing for me once again.
Sa-hali Secondary School
Kamloops, BC