Lambs and Earthquakes

FTLComm - Tisdale - March 2, 2001
  This morning I received this e-mail message from Michael Townsend as he commented on the lambs that appeared on the story in Ensign yesterday.
(FTLComm added the lambs)

Tim, I was astounded to hear that FTLComm has once again diversified and despite the agricultural crisis, entered that very life sustaining husbandry business. I knew you despised cutting grass in the summer time.(but for some reason love shovelling snow in the winter time) Your new venture could prove doubly valuable for you. But where do you keep these little beasties? A small pen in your back .040, but to keep them healthy perhaps a little lamb treadmill to power the vast computer network in your sanctuary. And with St. Patrick's Day almost upon us, their little lamb lives may be in danger. So if this may be the case try and keep all things green well hidden so their last days will be serene prior to the last walk: Dead Lamb Walking.

  The 6.8 magnitude earth quake that struck Seatle this week was no doubt a bit unsettling to people there but only last week Edwin Wallace sent me an interesting URL to a web site that tracks the earthquakes that rattle this planet each and every day. We get the idea from the news that these things happen only once every so often but in reality the planet is constantly in motion and this site keeps track of each and every shudder.