FTLComm - Tisdale- March 1, 1999
With -10 calm winds and fog I think we definitely can declare March has arrived like a Lamb. The cool air that spread over the prairies on Sunday had some interesting effects. The sun's intense heat caused massive evaporation of water vapour into the chilled below freezing air where fog resulted. This form of fog is called "radiation fog" often seen in alpine conditions. The air mass that now covers more then half of the province is damp and the temperature is below dew point, thus the very poor visibility.

Of course below freezing temperatures and fog produce the wonder of hoare frost which is a photographers delight. Here are some 8:30 images around our house and neighbourhood in Tisdale.
The picture above shows the limited visibility as I am looking East and as you can see the end of the visual world is about the end of the block.

The picture on the left is looking up through our trees at the foggy sky. The blue case of these pictures disappeared with increasing the contrast to bring out the features but in actual appearance the blue coloured image of our house is more like what one sees in this type of deep fog.

The weeping birch, below left is always a pleasure winter or summer and with frost on it I think it really looks elegant.

Sunday these conditions prevailed in Prince Albert restricting some of the closing events in their winter festival. But here in Tisdale Sunday was as bright as Saturday with the exception of some high alto stratus clouds in late afternoon.
This picture of our house clearly shows how much a part trees play in our lives. The prairies South of the tree line is almost devoid of trees with the exception of all of the towns villages and cities which are essential urban forests. Regina and Saskatoon are not alone in this as Swift Current, Weyburn, Estevan and most rural towns have heavily treed streets. My favourite is Moose Jaw but for wild fall colours Virden Manitoba is really something to experience.

Trees are not entirely esthetic as their contribution to our environment both as a sun screen and water shed producers is remarkably important. One great feature is that they provide a great habitat for such a range of life including birds and squirrels.