FTLComm - Tisdale - May 30, 1998

In all our communities it is the time of the year for fixing things. Houses are being remodelled and as you can see on the right yards given a big once over but what about that grass. It always needs cutting, watering, weeding, then more cutting and so on. I am certain every home owner at one time or another has threatened to pave the thing over. Well the picture below is a neighbour we all have to admire because he went the extra mile, not just talk but there it is for all to see a nice paved lawn. A comforting black and this lawn never, not ever needs mowing.
But before we leave this story lets take another turn around the block. Not only does a lawn require a lot of work to maintain but shrubs are even more demanding in our care and fretting over how they look. The yard on the left adds a whole new meaning to "once around the block."

Impressive work, steady hand, good eyesight and a lot of determination must have gone into this little project.