Locked Out

FTLComm - Prince Albert - December 19,1998
Do you know anyone who hasn't done this at least once? Well if you do, just wait a bit because they will sooner or later have this little thing happen to them and sometimes with disastrous results. Locking your keys inside your car can happen, and does happen to anyone and everyone. People get into the habit of locking their car because after all, they drive into the city and unlike Tisdale, people will go into an unlocked car. So our habit is our downfall. Just like this case, the young man filled his car with gas, then restarted it so it would be warm when he came out from paying for the purchase and alas his habit of locking his doors has left him on the outside and the car warming up nicely. Fortunately for him this skilled tow truck operator and his set of trusty tools were on the spot right away and he was able to get on his way with only some embarrassment

When I took the picture I told him I did web sites and twice he begged me not to put his picture on this site, so I have blanked out his face, but he has nothing to be ashamed of. Two ladies went skiing at La Ronge this week locked their keys in the car and the cell phone as well, the driver was able to catch a ride back into town, but then could not get into her apartment to recover the spare keys, she had luck on side, but often we don't.

You can buy little devices that will store a spare key somewhere on or under the vehicle's exterior but police recommend against this practice because car thieves realise that the place you put the device is pretty predictable and you have just provided an even easier way to get away with your car. Some auto makers provide owners with a spare plastic card that is the size of a credit card that can be easily carried and it will actually open up a locked car door. Some folks have a spare key made and wear it around their neck for times when they are wearing clothing that they do not have a place to put the keys. Plan a strategy for yourself but when the inevitable occurs don't get out of shape about it, it just happens sometimes.