Monday's Blue Skies

FTLComm - Tisdale - August 23, 1999
A very impressive Monday morning with an absolutely clear sky. The town has their tractor and rotary mower back in service after more then two weeks of being laid up so the grass cutting process is in full swing. The abundance of rain this year has meant that the grass has grown well and the town's mower is definitely needed to keep the community not only looking good but also to reduce the mosquito population, which for a wet year has been remarkably subdued.

Downtown the sidewalk and curbing process continues as the section from LaCroix drugs past Martin's is getting worked over this morning. There continues to be some gravel hauling through town and the bright sunlight has everyone smiling.

Below we are looking down Newmarket Drive from the new subdivision. The road ways are complete and so is the drainage ditching that has been installed to prevent the area from filling up with water. This is a large area with a crescent and this long extension of Newmarket stretching out into the country to the North. The sewer lift station is completed and a building erected on the site and it looks to me like this area of town is ready for business. It will only be a matter of time before house start popping up along this excellent street.