FTLComm - Tisdale - April 12, 2000

As I was looking around Tisdale this rather bright morning a few interesting things came to my attention.

A Robin, I realise many folks have seen robins but this is the first one I have seen this year and it was pleasant to see that he was checking out this back yard above.

Odd objects are still making their way to Hudson Bay's new plant this load is furnace ducting. Yeah, think about that for a moment, what sort of furnace would have ducts the size of a wide load on a semi?

In the back ground you
might be able to make out
the price of gas. Fuel prices have declined around town and are now at 69.9 at all outlets.

Not much construction in progress yet. There are rumors of a some new houses to be built this year but none have begun work as yet. This house begun in October by Faber construction is just nearing completion and has been sold. This morning it was time for some landscaping.

The wide angle lens on my little camera just will not do justice to this scene played out everyday. Behind the hospital works have a little patio on the loading dock area to engage in their addiction. As a former non-smoking principal I was always troubled by young people picking up the most addictive drug we know about. I knew then just as I know now that smoking is not a habit, people can not take it or leave it, once they start they have to be prepared to consider a shorter life, with more illness and a certainty of more rapid aging. The will get wrinkles earlier, have more respiratory illness, are more likely to contract cancer or suffer from heart disease. Those are all know results. It is unfortunate to see people hooked on this chemical and to know that on average each user must quit as many as seventeen times before they can put an end to this life threatening addiction.
There is a certain twisted beauty in tree stumps, this one caught my attention this morning, after all it is the connection between root and stem. A place of history and a clear sign of resilence and determination. Stumps have character.

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