FTLComm - Tisdale - August 5, 1999
Yesterday I received a short note from Janet Schwesinger who told me how she enjoyed being able to look around Tisdale using Ensign. I was thinking of her this morning when I went out and did so quick snap shots that sort of captures life on a typical Thursday morning.

So these pictures do not have a theme but rather are a collection of images shot this morning. The picture at right is the tailgate of a pickup over at the Department of Highways yard and I thought you might get as much of a kick out of the images as I did. This form of vehicular air was extremely popular in the eights but has become rather rare. I am not sure of the social significance but that may not matter.
The two riders above look to be on their way to work and were photographed as they pass the Main street park.

Last nights shower did not clear off the dust on the right passenger window of the FTLComm van so when I passed what looked to me like the Breakfast club my picture was a mess, so I stopped and took a quick shot backward. This group of people were glad to be with one another and having just emerged from the cafe it seemed like a nice way to start the day.
Over on the East side of town I spotted Rev. Fast's little quarter horse which by the way he is now riding, caught in a fence. Having stuck a hooved leg through the fence entanglement had resulted and there was a cut and bleeding left front leg. I was a block away and came back walked over to the fence and offered to help. A re-assuring pat on the head and I was able to put my foot on the lower wire and the filly was able to step back into the field. I pointed out that there was great grass about forty feet away and within the encloser. She muttered something about me not understanding and ambled off.