Night Owls

FTLComm - Tisdale - May 7, 1999
I had just returned from a service call and wanted a snack. It was 0120 in the morning and I was surprised to see that the 7-11 had about the same number of customers as it would in the middle of the day. Besides the ten young people you can see in this picture there were many others including myself that sadly can no longer be called young people.

When we first moved to Tisdale in 1995 Andrew, who was just twenty complainted that there was no place he could go at night to get a snack or just hang out and many times said that Tisdale needed such a place. Andrew is hardly alone in being one of those people who seems to get along much better late at night then during the day. Increasingly we live in a society were time is having less and less importance in regulating our behaviour and activities. We find our recreation in different forms and our work is often when we can get at it, which means it can be any time around the clock.

The all night operation of 7-11 and stores like it, here and everywhere exist because they are responding to this nocturnal and time indifferent age in which we are now living.