FTLComm - Tisdale - May 17, 2001
Certainly other years folks have taken to doing a little fixing up in the spring but it seems like the spring of 2001 one is the year people have been waiting for to install new shingles, repair their driveway and what ever they have been putting off for the past few years. In our one block neighbourhood alone several projects are underway or just completed. This house is getting a new look with a full set of siding and all the trimmings

Across the street the neighbour has poured a huge concrete patio in his back yard as part of a whole yard overhaul. Below we have this house which the own has almost completely transformed inside and out. After clearing away the trees and doing major renovations to the inside this yard is in the process of getting a new lawn and garden.

With all this going on I will no longer be able to put off painting the deck and beginning the renovations to our driveway and front yard which I have been able to put off for six years. It must be something about the year "one".