Saskatoon Images

FTLComm - Saskatoon
January 23, 2000

These pictures were some of those eye catchers that I was able to catch and share with you. All were taken Saturday, January 22. Sorry about missing the guy with the neon orange and yellow hair. This super smooth Monte Carlo was at the shopping war zone and I really like that license plate.

Below is in the amusement area of the University of Saskatchewan student union building. The room is filled to the top with the roar of electronic video games and off to one side is this darkened area with these neon pool tables. Some questions are better left un-answered but on the left hand side just out of the picture frame is a neon lit hair drier like one would find in a beauty parlour.

Mid afternoon we entered the Superstore to pick up a few things and encountered the usual Saskatoon shopping hoard. Most of these folks model their behaviour on the exploits of Ghengis Khan. In the picture below you can see the level of crowding, conflict and confusion. I can say with experience that a few minutes have a root channel would only be a little more uncomfortable then this situation. I have shopped in similar stores from Winnipeg to Vancouver and this one and its customers is the most overwhelming and least pleasant shopping experience of them all.