The Madison

FTLComm - Tisdale - March 11, 1999
During the summer of 1998 Tisdale saw the construction or addition over more then twenty new dwellings and from this point of view in this new year it looks like another twenty new dwellings will be built in the summer of 1999. Situated beside the Coop Mall is the new site of the Madison a condominum with ground level parking, balconies, elevator and security system. Situated so close to the towns business centre and services this project already has a lot of interest and is expected to be under construction as soon as the weather is ready.

Don Demarsh of Tisdale Agencies Century 21 says that besides this development he knows of at least eight other new homes that will be developed over the summer so that he anticipates a steady demand for homes in the community. As you drive around Tisdale you will see a few for sale signs but very few and I noticed that a new trailer home has been added during this winter.