FTLComm - Tisdale - August 10, 1999
This project moves right along and from time to time I will post more pictures of the development. The weight bearing pillars have been installed as has been the area for the elevator so today it is time for the poring of the concrete floor that will serve the building as the parking area or garage.

To accomplish this task the contractor has brought in a snorkle to move the cement from the batch truck to the floor for smoothing and building the surface. As you can see the main drive-way has already been poured by 9:00 this morning when this picture was taken.

You will recall some time ago I had a picture of a crew working on a sidewalk and how there were so many supervisors. In this picture there are eleven people and three are actively engaged in the process. This kind of work with its specialisation and lock step process lends itself to that"hurry up and wait" routine.