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Largest Air Loss of Life in Canadian History

FTLComm - September 3, 1998

SwissAir/Delta Airlines MD11 left New York's John F. Kennedy Airport last night for an overnight flight to Geneva Switzerland. This flight is popular with United Nations officials. As the aircraft proceeded out over the Atlantic high over hurricane Danielle, (At this time of writing (2:40AM) no hard evidence is available of what lead to the aircraft's inability to continue its flight.) what is known, is that the pilot reported a problem and smoke in his cockpit and proceeded with an emergency descent to land at Halifax. His approach to Halifax ended prematurely at about 10:30 Atlantic time, about five miles off the coast of Nova Scotia's Peggy's Cove, just about 40 nautical miles short of the runway.

Though reporters speculated during the night about the history of the MD11, don't be misled by these comments largely created for something to say as the night wears on and the hopelessness of recovering any survivors became apparent.