Valentines Moon
FTLComm - Tisdale - February 14, 2001
It was always my impression that valentines day had been initiated by teachers and card printing companies as part of an infamous plot to embarrass me and every other dumb boy who ever walked into a classroom. I hated the idea, I thought the cards were sappy and the only one saving grace of valentines were the cake and cookies and in elementary school they were exceptional.

It was after midnight when I happened to peer out into the darkness above and see a very big street light that just didn't belong in the cluster. The moon seen through a filter of thin cotton clouds took on a candy colour as it was up turned and overwhelming the dim sky.

What is it about the moon and why would it or anything else for that matter, be related to romance. I am one of those who solidly believes in the importance of relationships and part of that involves romance. It is vital to our survival and so often gives us hope and meaning in our otherwise pointless lives. But what is it about the moon?

But the songs, the look in people's eyes and the warmth one feels when a moon like that one shows up seems to go right to the core of our being and there is definitely a link with romance.

I can't explain it but it always helped me to get through Valentines day to maintain that valentines day was in fact February fifteenth and so on the fourteenth when everyone and the boxes of cards, cookies and foolishness came to school I would say "Oh, I thought valentines day was tomorrow." I found myself doing that yesterday, it didn't work when I was a kid and won't work now, I still am embarrassed by the gushing and insincerity of it all. Like the most evil girl in the room would give me a dainty valentine, I would blush and she would giggle, because I knew that it was just to get me to do or say something really dumb and every year I would reward everyone with my plain and simple gullibility. How I hated Valentines Day.