Frost, Fog and Demons

FTLComm - Tisdale
October 13, 1999

The picture on the right is what the football field looked like this morning covered with a coat of frost. Temperatures dipped below freezing last night and with a lot of humidity there was extensive fog and of course the frost on the fall grass.

This morning's sky is a combination of stratus layers and is fairly thin so that with some day time heating it should partly clear off and there may be some showers to the East and into Western Manitoba as that damp air slides along.

The back yard (seen below) has lost most of its leaves, well at least those that would have been on the trees and the morning frost is on everything.

There is a need to be concerned about demons. All Hallows Eve occurs at the end of this month and many people here in Tisdale have already been "possessed". Indeed this is a strong term but how else does one explain the excessive decorations people are doing to dress up their yards for Halloween. Last night as we drove into town we passed a house with orange "halloween" lights in the window flickering on and off. Dressing up a yard for Christmas is a nice jesture but going all out for halloween seems to me like an obsession.
This is Tisdale's amin street around 9:30 Tuesday night with a "B" train trundling North loaded with pulp or posts and the thin haze of fog haloing the lights.