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Tisdale - Sunday - February 29, 2004 - by: Donna Bromm




Valdy concert Friday night was fantastic.


Gary Fjellgaard and Valdy played together for the first five or so songs then Gary had about five more by himself. There was intermission after which Valdy sang alone, then they both finished with a few together, followed by a standing ovation and one more called 'tried and true' ended the show.
  Gary is a  low key, stoy telling, folky,cowboy singer.  He performed a small interposition of yodelling which was quite entertaining.  I enjoyed where some of his songs took me, but he's really not my style. 
  Valdy, however, was High energy with lots of good humour, oldies and favorites were played,along with some great new ones, including  a song that CBC requested him to write for their  B.C. correspondent (forget her name) who was going on maternity leave.  It was a goodbye from the province to her. 
  He has a  new album 'Viva Valdy, Live at Last' containing two Cd's (and an unsensored pic. of the backview of the man himself,  at a distance about to go skinny dipping . . .I might add ). . .hippy's eh! 
  One song was written on a ferry boat while going from his island to the mainland.  He had no money on him, so he had to hustle and haggle his way to where  he need to be the next day.  In that process he called a friend from the ferry asking for a bed on the mainland for the night.  As he was talking he saw a huge pod of killer whales off the side of the ferry, blowing and playing and  diving together. Being rather moved by the experience he relayed it to his friend on the phone.  The friend responded
"Valdy, if you can write me a song about those whales that you see right now, I'll give you a bed for the night." 
  Hence: the song appropriately titled 'Whales'.
  The stories improved the songs and the songs were offbeat, intelligent and sung with wit.
  We all enjoyed the experience, including the boys who were 'the drums and cymbals' (along with the rest of the audience) for one of the kids songs that required a rock 'n' roll beat to it.
  Afterward they were available to sign cd's (or whatever else you might like signed) and have pic's taken, of which we did both.
  It was a wrap, and we went home fed  and content with memories of  a full night of good entertainment.

Donna Bromm

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