FTLComm - Tisdale - January 5, 2000
As is so often the case I grab the camera and capture an image of the rising sun and it is dramatic how different each new day begins. However, during these last three days there has been an interesting uniformity with each morning being almost indestinguishable from the next. The picture above was made around 9:00 Monday January 3.
The picture above was taken Tuesday morning, January 4 as was the one below which was taken only a minute or so later but as the sun advanced into the sky the hues of the morning light changed quickly.

The picture above, on the right and below were all taken this morning. As you can see two elementary school students are making their way across the football field on their way to begin school, the first day of school for them in this new year, century and millennium. I am certain they are happy to be returned to join their friends and experience adventures together.

Each of these three days the pictures were taken about the same time just before nine, and as you can see gradually the days are getting longer and it shall be no time until there will be no need for lights on during breakfast.