FTLComm - Tisdale - August 25, 1999
With today the first day of school in much of Saskatchewan these three told me that their time is next week. There seems to be no doubt about it that they are ready to end summer and get back to school. It was just around 9:00 this morning that they were on the sidewalk in from of the elementary school and they are ready.
Meanwhile preparations to get the yard ready are in full swing. A mowing machine and operator was in the playground having just completed a touch up and this grass raker was gathering up the remains from around the hard surface area. (No not twins I just wanted to show you her twice in one frame)

The elementary parking lot has had some summer improvements and today the town crew were building a better back alley on the West side of the school as dirt had been excavated this morning and the crew were packing it down in preparation for some fresh gravel.