The First Day of School Year 2001 - 2002

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, August 27, 2001

Retails began their "Back to School" specials almost the second week of July and we all tend to think about school resuming after the holidays.

In the minds of students of all ages it is the "start of the school year". This is a big distinction because the learner sees this as an opportunity it is not something they go "back" to but rather it is something to which they look "forward to", their anticipation and excitement made it hard for them to get to sleep last night

just as their parents were also filled with "first day" excitement as they escorted their children to this new year, this new beginning to the school experience beginning today.

New classmates, a new teacher, perhaps even a new school, certainly a new pencil or two and a newness of thought and wonder at all there is to learn and absorb.

Schooling, is one thing and education is quite another, by their very nature kids want very much to find out about their world, they want to master new skills and boldly put their forming developing minds and bodies to new tasks, and new challenges.

School openned here in Tisdale this morning but some places have had classes running for the past week. One teacher explained how the new grade sevens in her school seemed so full of wonder, they were brimming with enthusiasm for the new things that faced them as they moved from their elementary school last year and to the high school this year. So much to learn and experience so many wonders to unfold.

No, it is not "back" to school, its is going forward on a never ending learning adventure.