FTLComm - Nipawin - December 18, 1998  
Very early Thursday morning the wind and snow began modifying the landscape in the Nipawin area so that by late afternoon many folks had already had a chance to take more then one shot at cleaning their driveways. Storms of this type often are extremely local and this was just what had happened. While visibility was poor in Tisdale Thursday morning there was only a touch of blowing snow and late afternoon as cars drove North toward Nipawin they did not encounter the snow until Codette although there was freezing rain from Arborfield North.

As you can see in these pictures Nipawin was under a blanket of new white snow with the promise of more to
come. After the amazing non-white Christmas of 97 there was a quiet delight of this seasonal decoration. The streets of Nipawin are almost always busy but Thursday night saw lots of people out and about despite the bluster of the evening. The storm was walking along in front of an enormous artic air mass that was sticking its jagged edge into Northern Saskatchewan and in the scene below you can see the arrival of the snow fall in Tisdale around 8:00 Thursday night and -26 degree temperatures this morning.