FTLComm - Tisdale
March 2, 2000

After the closure of the Fripp factory and its take over by a company in Swift Current the building has been considered by several companies. Tisdale Dehydration has used the building this winter for storage but it has cleaned up and moved and the new owner is in the process of moving in. Northern Steel Industries, Tisdale's largest manufacturer has bought the building and property and today began transferring products and production equipment over to the large building on the Western side of town.

Northern Steel has been using a smaller facility a block away for making fittings and parts as well as warehousing steel. It is believed that they will place this facility on the market and continue to use the plant on the North side of town and the Fripp building. The size and factory facilities in the Fripp building will make it easy to convert to a similar production facility as the Northern Steel complex with the capability of producing complete products at either plants. The amazing growth and productivity of Northern Steel has forced the company to expand its production facilities as it continues to receive orders and develop products that are being made here and sold throughout North America.