FTLComm - Tisdale - June 24, 1999
During the life of Ensign we have done quite a few articles on one of the largest employers in Tisdale, Northern Steel Industries. I have noticed the gradual changes this company is making and it is apparent in their yard as finished products come off the production line.

Essentially Northern Steel Industries makes tanks. Big ones, little ones and medium sized ones but all are really just steel tanks. Some years ago they began producing some innovative above ground fuel storage units which are now the standard in this part of the world and most of them are build right here. But things
are changing. In the past year Northern Steel has continued to produce their main stream products but just as in the past they have continued to come up with innovative and new products like the fiber glass coated underground storage tanks
and this new fertilizer card lock kit but the changes are far more subtle Now besides the tank we see additional finished products, ladders, extensive plumbing, valves, pumps and a host of other attachable products.

This trend is obvious as one looks around the finish products awaiting shipment and tells the story of a company's evolution and means to make a better impact on the marketplace.

The newest product is the card lock fertilizer kit that involves, of course the tank, but also the metal building that houses the complex metering and valve systems that make this a fully operational turnkey project , and if you look at the picture at the top of the page you will see it even includes the lighting fixture.

This increased sophistication and attention to the needs of the customer who wants to be able to go to a single supplier and get everything needed in one purchase, makes Northern Steel Industries a
formidable competitor and in addition to the work and materials in the tank there are now a whole host of additional parts that enhance both usability and profitability for both the customer and the manufacturer.