FTLComm - Tisdale - January 5, 1999
With the temperatures up to the -14s this is a good time to get outside and enjoy the fine winter. Mr. and Mrs. Doug Wisser were among the six or so cross country skiers out on the Tisdale golf course ski trail Monday. Doug said that his son Adam said it was certain the Christmas vacation was over because the weather was outstanding. Skiing conditions on the course are acceptable as their is enough cover for the trail but the snow is not very deep and poling is a problem as ski poles hit the frozen ground and slip. Remember it is only thirty to forty minutes down to Greenwater where the cross country ski trail is in superb condition. The Greenwater course is of moderate difficulty so is a challenge to both novice and experienced skier. Nipawin's Regional Park which has close to a foot of snow base is only half an hour away. Cross country skiing is one of the best forms of exercise you can get and the equipment is inexpensive. If you want to take up the sport you will find there are clinics available for some initial orientation but the basic techniques are easily learned in a day.

After almost two weeks of -30 weather -20 is a nice day. Weather man are telling us that we can see this for a couple of more days before we see more of that ultra cold arctic air. School of course reopened after the Christmas break yesterday and once more the streets are flooded with brightly dressed youngsters on their way to and from classes. Remember they spread out through the whole of the community so not only should you slow down on 100th but keep a sharp eye on all streets especially at 8:30 and 3:30 each day.