Doghide trails, Tisdale's special place


Doghide trails, Tisdale's special place

FTLComm - Tisdale - Monday, September 22, 2003

As part of a project to produce panorama images for the
Town of Tisdale web site, at noon today I went down to the Doghide to capture the fall look on the hiking trails. But the picturesque scene (above) the bridge always, year round, is interesting and so we have begun this photo essay with this image. (August of last year we had some pictures of the same area that are worth comparing.)

As it was noon there were several boys climbing through the bridge, which is almost always the case. This trestle is a cool place and almost every time I have come down here there are boys, sometimes girls, sometimes both working their way through the timbers.

The hiking trail is not flat but weaves about crisscrossing itself and offering anyone who wanders around the trail an interesting and ever changing environment. There were high bush cranberries glistening from some trees and over ripe chokecherries and just a few flaming bushes like the one seen here.

Though the morning had begun at +1ºC by this time it was warmer than was comfortable with my jacket on with the sun coming down into the trail and no sign of the cool air from the early morning.

I left the trail and went out on to the railway track and took two sets of pictures. This QuickTime virtual reality panorama is the second one taken from atop the railway trestle If you do not see this image it means that your computer is not loaded with the most recent version of QuickTime, so just
download and install the newer version.

Before I left the area the scene looking across the Doghide up this fairway of the Riverside golf course hardly looks like fall. The low rainfall in August has advanced the condition of the trees in town turning them to gold but here on the course where the watering has kept things in great shape the trees are still looking very much like summer as we have this weekend passed from equinox to that time of year when the daylight portion of the day grows shorter and shorter.

Timothy W. Shire



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