FTLComm - Tisdale - November 18, 2000

The mild storms sweeping across the North grain belt today is reducing visibility and putting a fair amount of snow on the highways. At nine this morning the Department of highways had their equipment out moving the very wet snow from the roads while more was been deposited. While this may be difficult weather for
motorists it is heaven for

On their way to the Pasquia Hills in the Hudson Bay area hunters from Saskatoon stopped for coffee and fuel in Tisdale this morning. Pickups with trailers loaded with off road equipment while in this picture a camper trailer fitted out to handle the low temperatures of their next few days in the woods.

The driving wind made the -2 degree weather seem uncomfortable as I talked
with one of the hunters but the grin on his face said it all, this is precisely the kind of weather for their fun. They need snow for tracking and the snow mobiles. Besides this is the time of the year for this sort of weather and they were ready for the challenge.
Most trailer loads were like the one below and the top of the page where we see a mixuture of equipment. Snow mobiles and four wheel all terrain vehicles. This gives the hunters the flexibility of handling the difficult countryside but also having equipment that can cope in a wide range of conditions. The four wheel all terrain vehicles continue to become more and more popular with their low maintenance costs and dependable handling of difficult conditions.

This picture was taken at about 9:30 this morning a mile North of Tisdale and as you can see we have about half a mile of visibility as the town is simply not showing up in this picture. The wet snow has been picking up through the moring and the wind shifted from the gentle South West breeze to a dedicated North blast moving the new falling snow around as it comes down. That on the ground is not going far as it is quite wet.
So all things balance out the, the country gets some snow and the hunters get an adventure.