-----To the Mountains

FTLComm - Wakaw - April 2, 2000
As we stopped to pick up coffee before heading for Saskatoon Saturday morning I noticed and remarked about this truck and trailor. We passed them West of Melfort and though there is still usable snow in the La Ronge area these fellows, three of them in the truck and humming along were definitely not heading to La Ronge.

We stopped for fuel at Wakaw and a few minutes later in comes this trio. I ask them where they were going and the three young cheerful men from Hudson Bay said they were heading for B.C. I pointed out that there was still snow at La Ronge and with a glint in his eye the one fellow said "yeah but not like where we are going."

So while some people take their spring break in Florida these three guys make their spring holiday a trip to British Columbia's mountains where the powder is deep and plentiful. Westward HO!

(By the way fuel in Wakaw is 71.9)

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