Saskatoon - January 19, 2001
Prairie West Software and Saskatchewan Internet News Ltd. are pleased to announce the completion of an online version of the Pentagonia board game. This online game will allow visitors to any web site on which the program is installed to play the Saskatchewan-created strategy game Pentagonia.

"The program has beginner, intermediate and expert skill levels, sound, and a variety of features and options," said game programmer Todd Trann.

"The game's creator seems to have little difficulty beating it at the expert level, but it will prove to be very competitive for those who are just learning to play the game," Todd explained. "It is really quite addictive."

"We're very excited. The program is fun to play and it could really help introduce people to Pentagonia," said Saskatchewan Internet News Ltd. president, Jacob Zunti.

Saskatchewan Internet News Ltd. plans to make the program available for free to all stores that sell Pentagonia: The Board Game, and all educational institutions that purchase the board game, for inclusion on their web sites. It also plans to show a version of the program at Toy Fair 2001 in New York City this February, when it demonstates Pentagonia: The Board Game.

"This new program could be a very effective way for web site owners to create repeat visitor traffic," Zunti added. "Once we get a delivery system in place, people will also be able to purchase the program for a nominal sum, and install it on their own computers to play at home."

Pentagonia: The Board Game was released in 1998. It is now sold in stores in three provinces and more than 14 US states, and through a number of US catalogs, including Terrific Toys and Educators Outlet. In December of 1999, it was also one of eight games to be included on a Most Enjoyed Games list compiled by students at Rutger's University in New Jersey.

Pentagonia can be played online at: and at


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