---Tisdale Gardens June of 1999

FTLComm - Tisdale - June 10, 1999
The way spring has staggered in this year more then half of the gardens in Tisdale are unlikely to be planted. Of those that have been worked up and seeds put in the ground only half of those are beginning to show growth. The potato crop above is truly an exception and the three gardens shown here are well above average.

The one below would be average for other years at this time but this year it is well ahead of those few that were planted.

These pictures were taken during the rain on Tuesday afternoon.
Below is an interesting development. This is a trend, though not initiated this year it is a growing practice in Tisdale for people to take their vegitable gardens and convert them into aesthetic and environmental decorative parts of their yards. Of course many yards have still retained a part of their yard for a small vegitable plot many have decided that vegitable gardens are just not what they need. The image below left is the back yard of town manager Murray Vey and his wife Marianne. Marianne explained that the bugs and slugs have reduced the quality of what can be grown in a yard and perhaps a person's efforts would be better put to making something more pleasant just to look at and experience. You might have seen Mrs. Haller's yard last year and noticed the same thing. In the Vey back alley several yards have already done away with their vegitable plots and the one on the right is a simple but effective display that requires little maintenance and is an attractive part of the yard.