Share Your Vacation On Ensign

FTLComm - Tisdale - January 23, 2001
Though lots of interesting things happen around Tisdale every day and though we like to get our licks in at the politicians, we all need to get away now and then. See other places, understand other cultures, sample the scenes and do just a bit of dreaming.
The idea for this comes from Shawn Ratushniak who with his family journeyed to Isla Mujeres Mexico for their Christmas vacation. Shawn had researched his holiday well in advance on the Internet and was really prepared for the family adventure that included diving, seeing the countryside and meeting the people and tourists alike. About thirty miles South of Cancun and a fifteen minute ferry ride from Puerto Juarez took the Ratushniaks to a truly exotic and out of the way vacation spot.
With dozens of digital images and rolls of exposed film of their vacation Shawn wanted to share their experience with friends and relatives and so he has constructed a really wonderful and informative web site on the trip. You can see the sights through the pictures they took and learn about the trip and their experiences in the narrative description Shawn has written.

You can look over Shawn's web site and it helps you plan your vacation or just helps pass a cold winter night. One way or another the idea of sharing vacation pictures and stories is super.
There are several ways you can get involved in this project, you can send Ensign your digital pictures and a story about the trip and it will appear in our "Vacations" features. But many people do not take digital pictures, you might only have video or flat pictures well, that is no problem because we can turn that same material into web pages that tell a story about your vacation that friends and relatives can enjoy. As you know, Ensign stories are filed away and remain available as long as we continue to operate so that it becomes a place that you can refer to anytime to anyone and they can go and see the pictures and images.
If you have web space someplace you might like to have your own family web site just as my family does where we share family events with each other. If you would like help getting such a site set up send me email, phone 873 2004 or drop by and we can talk about how you can do this yourself or get FTLCOmm to set up the basics and you can get going from there. With your vacation online, we can do a link like the one on this page to your site so that others can see what it is like to visit where ever it is that you have been. Remember that with your Sympatico account most people have a small amount of web space availalble, more than most people need to put up a good website and a place to keep some images of that vacation.