How About Them Apples

FTLComm - Tisdale - Friday, August 10, 2001

Few people had much hope for a crop of apples or crab apples this season because when these trees were blooming we were subjected to some very unpleasant and sustained winds.

But as it has turned out berries both wild and tame have produced very well as Gerald Crawford has noted and now we see some exceptional Apples.

These two trees are located on the South side of the CN tracks and are loaded to the point where they can bare little more. As you can see some have already decided to fall off.

This interesting point about these two trees is where they are located. Both trees are in the lea of the house so that the miserable winds of spring that plowed their way across the prairie from the West and Northwest would have only had a limited affect on these fruit trees.

It has fascinated me for years as to why Saskatchewan farmers insist on attempting to grow cereal grains and canola on land that was once bush when we are able to produce excellent crops even in very dry years from fruit trees. Maybe some farmers should take a look at that scrub around the sloughs and plants some fruit trees, it would be worth a shot.