FTLComm - Tisdale - August 25, 1999

The peas and beans are long gone and now attention has turned to the huge tops on the tomatoes. This gardener who has filled her yard with her great garden was disappointed at the yield of her tomato crop and has taken off the upper foliage to improve the growing conditions.

Besides the outstanding tomatoes in this picture on the right the darker green plants are two varieties of peppers and they are going to produce lots of flavour.

This lady really takes her gardening seriously and the nice trees on the boulevard South of her yard are kept trimmed down so they do not rob the sunlight from the garden.
She reports that her corn crop
is producing very fat cobs and is very pleased with the production in her cucumber patch seen on the right.

A lot of different varieties including the butter lettuce on the left side of the cucumbers.

One of the features of this garden is a Purple Martin house which the owner reports is uninhabited. She believes that the birds either don't like the pole on which it sits or they don't like the house itself. Either way it is a doomed project and is going to be removed.

As we talked the flowers were just buzzing with bees doing their work of collection and minding their own business.