FTLComm - Tisdale - August 22, 1999

This house is in the South part of Tisdale and the owners have gone to great lengths to get the colours just right. The shades of blue house and deck are trims with both potted and planted flowers that create a functional as well as ornamental setting. The picture on the right shows the flower display that is at the back of the lot on the alley.

This house is not alone in being dramatically attractive. The picture below is across the street and is one of the best looking vine growths I have seen in town. Notice the purple martin house, there are a lot of these and town and at any time the residents can be seen wheeling around the sky.

This is a great year for the production of both crab apples and apples. These two trees are only a hundred feet North of the house at the top of the page and as you can see this apple tree (on the right) is so loaded with fruit that the limbs are taxed to their maximum. It is hard to make out from this picture but let me assure you these are truly huge apples. The apple tree (below) stands right next to this one and is also heavily loaded with this years crop.

Crab apples trees are also doing very well this year, they are often shunned as being bitter and of little use but as fruit goes there is no match for crab apple pie, absolutely non. High in pectin crab apples make outstanding jams and jellies and because they do well in our climate should be a feature of every yard. There are huge range of varieties of crab apple from golden to sharp bitter little red ones but all produce excellent fruit and incredible wine.