Flower Power

FTLComm - Tisdale - June 20, 1999

Of the things that are part of our lives, flowers and sunsets are the two best things. Flowers are a simple and essential part of a plant's life but their appearance and aroma lift the spirits of everyone who sees them, they are the smiles of a plant.

This display on the right was actually purchased from a nursery and is called a "Purple Tower", it consists of a bag in a supporting wire form of peat with Petunias. The whole arrangement is the sort of thing that will bloom almost all summer and it is perched her atop a riser because as it grows older it gets bigger as the flowers flow down the sides.

The house has a magnificent yard but besides the petunia arrangement I was impressed with the great window boxes (at right and below) that provide a foreground to the world outside the house with marvellous geraniums in full bloom.

I can recall my father referring with disdain to the lowly nature of the geranium and its commonness and indeed I have been know to voice similar sarcasm toward the petunia but we are both wrong. Here in combination or by themselves these tough and continuous blooming plants add considerably to our world and make some of the most impressive displays in yards everywhere.

It is neat to note that the house pictured here above and on the left is right across the street from this elegant home which is really made even more attractive by its rich display of the standby of big flowers, the geranium. This picture was taken in low evening light and the brilliance of the red from the flowers seems almost over saturated in the picture but this image was not doctored in preparation for display on this website.

Yards in Tisdale, Melfort and Nipawin are all beginning to show the great beauty that we have come to expect and appreciate. Last week we had some pictures of Dawn fixing the centre pieces in the town's parks and now those beds are finished and Dawn's work is to be commended for her selection of plants and the way they have come along making the town look just great.