Wesley Swan

Parkland Photography Club May 2004

Greenwater Provincial Park - Monday, May 31, 2004 - by: Gerald Crawford

May 25th, 2004: Twelve members attended the May meeting of Parkland Photography Club. One was in Georgia, another in Holland, and the others just couldn’t make it.

Doreen Crawford (right) was presented withher Silver Merit Award. Congratulations, Doreen! The event was captured on digital film by Alan Caithcart.

Darlene read Judges’ Comments on our Club’s Transparency Battle slides as they were projected. Darlene received an Honorable Mention with a score of 22, and Howard Armstrong (left) received a Best of Show award with a mark of 25.

Northern Imagery of Prince Albert had the highest club score, but our club was just behind them by one point. Quite an improvement from last year, when we were dead last! We were mentioned as the Most Improved Club.

Our Theme Shoot, which was “Anything at Night”, had nine entries. First went to Darlene for her photo of a snowman outlined in lights; second to Alan for his of Santa’s sleigh, also outlined in lights, and third to Wes for his late evening lake scene. There was considerable discussion on when it becomes “night” and the consensus was a half-hour after sunset. In future, such themes should be more carefully defined, although the judges still have the right to disqualify anything they do not feel meets the theme.

Themes for next year were decided as follows:

September    Summer Fun   March Cold

October   Bumble Bee   April   Snowbanks or Drifts

November   Wild Rose   May   Clouds (only)

January   Derelict   June    Abandoned

February   Wild Life        
Elections were held, and the new executive starting in September will be:  
President    Mary Wright
Vice-President   Howard Armstrong
Secretary-Treasurer   Darlene McCullough
Newsletter   Jerry Crawford
Has anybody heard those names before?  
Our annual Field Trip will be held Sunday, June 13th. We will all meet at Torchlight Gardens, Candle Lake, at noon for lunch and hope to visit Dennis Chamberlain’s gallery in the afternoon. Darlene will make the arrangements. If any changes are necessary, we will contact members by phone.  

Darlene, Mary, Doreen and Jerry had all brought examples of their Print Circuit entries, along with the comments made by other entrants; the prints were projected and the comments read.

We are sorry to say that Harry Bourne will be leaving our Club, likely in June. Harry and Evelyn have sold their place and will be moving to Ponoka, AB. They will be sorely missed. Harry’s enthusiasm and willingness to put work into his pictures made him a valuable club member.

Alan Caithcart

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