First Place - "Floating" Neil Anderson

Parkland Photography Club
May 2009

Tisdale, Wednesday, May 27, 2008 by: Darlene McCullough

Fourteen members of the Parkland
Photography Club
gathered at the
Doghide Gallery on Tuesday, May
26 for a meeting chaired by
President Anne McIntosh.

Comments shared regarding Geoff Payton's presentation at the April meeting were all positive with the conclusion that a guest presenter would be considered for next year.

The June meeting will be a photo shoot at Wendy Derbowka's yard on Saturday, June 20. Members are to meet at Wendy's at 7:00 PM.

Anne McIntosh collected the voting sheets whereon members voted on their choices for the monthly theme shoots for next year. Anne will tabulate the results of this vote and will notify the members of the eight that will be used and for which month each will be the theme shoot.

Parkland Photography Club has been asked to take photos at the Relay for Life in Tisdale on May 29 and 30. Those members wishing to participate in this were reminded to have two memory cards with them so that the photos can be downloaded during the event.

Parkland Photography Club has also been asked to take photos during the Children's Festival on Friday, June 12 . This event will be held in the RECplex and will run from 9 AM to 3:00 PM. The theme this year is "The Circus" so we are expecting it to be lots of fun.

Anne McIntosh grows various kinds and colours of gladiolas and has invited the members to her yard this fall when these are blooming and can be photographed in all their glory.

Darlene McCullough will notify members of the date of the Garden Tour this summer and Parkland Photography Club plans to prepare a slide show of our photos of that event.

Our new web site is now online and we thank Tim Shire for all the work he has done on this site for the club. The monthly reports for this year are posted there as well as archived for the past four years. A membership list is posted with direct links for sending emails to the members. There is also a history of the club and the suggested guidelines for our theme shoots. There are also album pages where members can submit their photos for display. We haven't submitted any photos yet, but we certainly plan to make use of this feature. You are invited to check out the new web site at:

The meeting reports will continue to be posted on North Central Internet News and The Greenwater Report so if you have been following the club news on these sites you can still access it there.

After considering the club's financial situation, the decision was made to leave the membership fees the same as they have been since the club started - $25 for a single membership and $35 for a couple or family membership.

Elections for positions on the executive for next year were made very simple as everyone will continue in their present positions:
President - Anne McIntosh, Vice-Pres. - Neil Anderson, Secretary-Treasurer - Darlene McCullough,
Newsletter Editor - Darlene McCullough,
Competitions - Anne McIntosh.

There were thirteen entries in the theme shoot competition for this month which was Bird(s). First place went to Neil Anderson with his photo of a pelican in flight (top of page); and there was a tie for second between Alan Caithcart's photo of a goldfinch (above left) and Alie Neish's photo of two hummingbirds.(left)

Our entries in the "Transparency Battle" were projected and the judges' comments were read. Our marks ranged from seventeen to twenty-six out of thirty. Anne McIntosh placed second with a mark on twenty-six for her photo of sparring polar bears and Darlene McCullough received an Honourable Mention and a mark of twenty-two for her photo of a mountain lake scene. Both members received a certificate for their placements. The trophy went to the Saskatoon Camera Club with the Prince Albert Club just one mark behind them. Parkland Photography Club tied for third place with the Regina Photo Club.

Darlene McCullough supplied the lunch for this meeting.

There will not be any more formal photo club meetings until September. If you enjoy photography as a hobby and/or have enjoyed reading these reports, you are urged to come and join us then. We meet in the Doghide Gallery at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of each month other than December, July, and August.

Anne McIntosh
Vice President
Neil Anderson
Darlene McCullough
Darlene McCullough

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