Parkland Photography Club - November 21, 2000

Tisdale - January 25, 2000 - by: Gerald Crawford
The January meeting of Parkland Photography Club was short on members (6) but long on content.
Secretary Darlene had a letter from PRPA asking us to judge the Gerald Fish Print Competition in April, and the Travelling Salon Slide Competition in November. Needless to say, members were quite enthusiastic.
Doreen hadn't got her slides back in time for last November's meeting, so showed eight of her favorites. These had been taken with a fully automatic camera, and it did an excellent job on exposures.
Five prints were entered in the Theme Shoot. Theme was "Children" and Jenny Fritshaw won first for her photo of three kids frolicking in autumn leaves. Runners-up were Wes Swan's photo of a little boy crawling through a multi-colored tube, and Darlene McCullough's photo of a row of children trying to imitate their elders' dancing.

Three of us had entered four slides each in a PRPA competition last fall; these had been returned with scores and judges' remarks, so they were projected and discussed.
After a delicious lunch courtesy of Jenny, we viewed a Gleneath slide show consisting of winners of contests from 1994 to 1999. There were about 90 slides, with a script and the makers' names and titles of the slides. Each was critiqued from the standpoint of what would have made it a better slide if we had the opportunity of photographing it again, and it was after ten before we finished.
Meeting times and dates were discussed, and it was decided to go back to having our meetings on the last Tuesday of each month, starting at 7 PM and hoping to finish about 9:30 PM. That makes our next meeting February 27th. The Theme will be "Aged". Now what does a bunch of spring chickens like us know about Aged?
We will be viewing the winning slides from PRPA competitions, and then will have a critique of the prints in our own print show. Malcolm Salmond has again consented to conduct the critique.

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