Parkland Photography Club June 2003

Greenwater - Thursday, June 18, 2003 - by: Gerald Crawford
June 14th, 2003: Parkland Photography Club holds an outing and picnic for its windup meeting every June, and this year it was at the Crawfords’ Greenwater Park home. There were twelve present, including guests Louise and Ron Butterfield. Louise was a member of the Club for years, until they moved to Saskatoon about three years ago.

We spent the first part of the afternoon visiting and taking pictures, going for walks, and going for boat rides. While it was windy, it was warm and sheltered where we were, lovely weather for a picnic.

We had a wiener roast/potluck supper, which was delicious, then held our last meeting of the club’s year.

For our Theme Shoot, we had five entries, all prints. First prize was a tie between Harry Bourne’s photo of a butterfly on a lilac flower, and Alie Neish’s photo of a cat nursing a kitten, with another kitten waiting its turn. Runners-up were Jenny Fritshaw’s photo of a fawn drinking from a bottle, Tibby Frazer’s of a man spooning cake into the mouth of an agreeable baby, and Glen Neish’s of a row of cattle at a feed bunk. Five excellent photos!
We discussed Themes for the Club year beginning in September, and came up with the following:

September Part of a building   January Landmark   April Freak of Nature
October A circular object   February Partners   May Anything at Night
November Square   March A Canadian Native (person, animal, plant   June A Flowering Tree (whole tree, no shrubs)

Each entry must be taken after today (no digging through the shoebox), must be titled on the back, (and the title will be judged too) with a mark on the back to indicate the top of the photo.

Members are encouraged to join PRPA, and to take part in its contests and activities. Memberships are $15 per person, and are due by the end of June.

Jenny came up with an excellent idea: PRPA members in our club will bring enlargements for entry in the various PRPA competitions. We will judge and critique them before sending them to PRPA, then compare our ratings with that of the judges when we get the results back. For our September meeting: entries to the Attanyi competition, which is open subject; in other words, anything. For November, the Jerry Fish competition, which again is open. For January, Sports in Action, and for March, Human Portrait. We deliberately left this one to the last, because we plan to have one or two workshops on human portraits.

Members of our Club had received a thank you card from Bob Donnan for our activities at the Relay for Life. We provided the Cancer Society with over 800 digital images, 23 print films, and a couple hours of video. Feedback we get on the quality of our work is positive.

See everyone in September!

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Box 100, Chelan, SK S0E 0N0
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