Parkland Photography Club - March, 2002

Tisdale - March 29, 2002 - by: Gerald Crawford
March 26th, 2002: Eleven members and one guest came to the March meeting of Parkland Photography Club. Welcome to guest Catherine Wright, and welcome back to Harry Bourne, recently returned from the wilds of southern Texas.
Darlene gave us a rundown on the Doghide River Festival. She had an album of photos taken by Club members at the Festival. Several members expressed gratification at the interest shown in the Club’s displays. Popular Choice was Tibby Frazer’s black-and-white photo of a thrashing crew, and winner of the draw chose Darlene’s photo of an English hotel. (People viewing the Club’s display at Doghide are asked to fill out a slip with their name, phone, etc. and their choice for Popular Choice. From these entries a draw is made, and the winner gets the photo of his or her choice.)
Theme for this meeting was “Bridge”, and there were nine photos entered. First went to Wes Swan for his photo of the dual-traffic bridge at Nipawin; runners-up were Harry Bourne’s photo of the sweeping approach to a bridge in southern Texas, and Darlene McCullough’s photo of a suspension bridge at the Regional Park at Nipawin. Excellent entries, all!

New member Alan Caithcart spent most of his adult life in the military, and a good part of it in Search and Rescue. He showed us a selection of slides taken from and of S+R aircraft, of the mountains in the Yukon, and of the Baffin Land barrens. He also explained the function of the S+R aircraft and of the ten-person crew. Of particular interest was the Albatross, a twin-engined amphibian with the added ability to take off and land on ice and snow.

Wes supplied the delicious lunch; none of us dreamed he had talents in the culinary line, too!

After lunch, we viewed and judged the slides of the Gleneath Camera Club’s Foto Fun contest. There were forty slides to be judged (forty five altogether, but we don’t judge the ones from our own club.) The three judges were usually very close in their marks, but on some occasions there was a wide divergence, and the high and low judges were asked to justify their marks. This is a favorite Club activity; we get to view some excellent work from outside our Club, and to analyze each slide for its good and bad points. It can’t help but make us think more each time we take a photo.
Wes gave us a report on the PRPA Outing, which will be at Greenwater Lake Provincial Park June 21st, 22nd and 23rd. Lots of photo opportunities, workshops and fellowship.
Our next meeting will be April 30th, at 7 pm at Fairlight Studios, Tisdale, and the theme will be “Wood”. We will be looking for you!

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